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Jefferson Farms Natural Fibers
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At Jefferson Farms Natural Fibers, we consider FIBER to be our primary mission! We carefully sort our fleeces to produce the very best yarns and rovings. Paco-Vicuña fiber is incredibly uniform, exhibiting extreme fineness and crinkle rather than a defined crimp. The intense crinkle of the fibers creates an interlocked fleece, much more impervious to vegetation and dirt penetrating down into the fiber, as well as providing great memory or stretch to the fiber. Alpaca by contrast, has a more well-defined crimp, and tends to coarsen up a bit more as the animal ages. Both fleeces have great luster or brightness, and are lanolin free and silky. Every fleece shorn from a PV or alpaca here has a sample taken for micron analysis. We are a fully tested and documented herd and track the micron data per animal per year so we can make better breeding decisions and more accurately price our products. We even go so far as to micron test our roving products so we can verify our sorting process.
It is important to get the fiber clean, free of vegetation, and then to grade the fibers into closely matched microns or degrees of fineness. Along with fineness we match color, staple length and character of crimp and handle. All of these factors are very important in order to produce the most uniform and consistent yarns, with incredible softness and fine handling. All fleeces shorn are used in either fine grades of yarns and rovings, or as batts to use in the multitude of felting projects out there today! We match the grades of fiber with the types of yarn, only the very finest, averaging 13-18 microns, will be used in fingering weights which are used in garments up against the skin The coarser grades will be milled into bulky and rug yarns, to produce household items such as hotpads, table runners, cushions and rugs. In contrast to many of the alpaca farms out there today, we regard our fiber production as the most important mission we have. Alpaca and now, the luxurious paco-vicuña fibers are famous for their silkiness, luster and wonderful softness. I could talk about fiber all day! So call anytime, we'd love to share our thoughts and compare ideas and goals for the fiber industry. 

Livestock Sales and Breeding 
As a large operation, which includes two farms and more than 450 paco-vicuñas and alpacas, we do offer selected offspring for sale each year. We will offer some of our very best crias for sale, as well as selected bred females, and of course there is a broad selection of fiber (non-breeding) stock available. We keep prices very modest for the fiber animals because it is our belief that the cost of the animal needs to be small enough to allow for a reasonable profit margin for the fiber artist after factoring in shearing and yearly expenses. We also will offer free companion animals to those who prefer a higher quality animal rather than several less expensive fiber animals. Our PV and Alpaca stud males are all guaranteed free from defects, and represent the finest fleeces, averaging 14 microns, in the entire herd. We have been very pleased with our breeding program here, and offer free board and ultrasound testing included in the stud fee. So please take the time to visit, walk the herd, and get to know these incredible paco-vicuñas. You will be as smitten as we have been!

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