Boarding fees are 100.00 per month per animal.  We offer discounts for multiple animals being boarded.  Owners are welcome at the farm anytime, and are given access to our basic medications, feed and treats.  All animals on the farm are given time in pasture, and have  clean, spacious shelters.  We do try to include the owners in all health care issues, but in the event of an emergency we will attempt to call the owner but the well-being of the animals comes first, and will be dealt with first!
Costs:  $100.00/month  for 1-2 animals,  $75.00/month for 3 or more animals

Jefferson Farms Services
At Jefferson Farms, we take care to provide our customers the careful attention and support they deserve.  All animals are given the individualidualized care they need, and boarded animals are treated the same as animals owned by Jefferson Farms. We do not differentiate between boarded animals and those we own.   We include basic care in the cost of boarding, which includes toenail trimming, routine worming, breed checks, and CD&T vaccinations.  Our herd has a very healthy and happy social herd dynamic.
Stud Services
At Jefferson Farms, we are proud to offer high quality males for breeding purposes.  All alpaca males used have been champions, or at least blue ribbon winners.  We pay careful attention to fineness of fleece, testing each and every shearing for current values.  Males must be sound conformationally, and have clean bloodlines.  Stud fees include free board for 3 months and an ultrasound to verify the pregnancy.
Fees available upon request.
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